The scheduler in the web version of the Event Maker has three distinct views: Set-up view, Games view and Seeding view.

Set-up view

In the set-up view, you do the basic configuration for the event. There are multiple parameters to be set, from the competition format down to the game length. By using the pull down menus and the Apply button, you can easily skim through various options and immediately see the visualization of the knock-out bracket.

When you click Save (or Done), your selected configuration is sent to the main servers. That might take a longer time but you will see a progress bar indicating that saving is taking place.

Games view

Now, in addition to configuring the event, you need to also assign times and courts to all games. This happens in the game view.

Seeding view

Now that you have configured an event and also scheduled all games, you need to remember to assign all teams (i.e. seed) them to the pools. That happens in the Seeding view.


So remember to complete all three steps: 1) Setup, 2) Scheduling games and 3) Seeding (i.e. assigning Teams) and you're all set!