Obviously, the better computer you have, the less likelihood there is of any kind of lagging in the responses such as skipped beats on the display.

Powerful enough of hardware
As usual with analysing computer feeds and speeds, the ‘goodness’ is a combination of multiple factors – the MHz level of the CPU, the size of the RAM, the browser application used, and how many other applications are running at the same time, either launched by the user or silently in the background.

Follow the instructions from your experts*
If you are running a top-tier FIBA 3x3 or a national team event, you most likely have received a recommendation of what computer to use from the Digital expert in the Local Organizing Committee or from the FIBA team. We suggest following that recommendation to a detail, instead of hoping that the computer can somehow run at 120% capacity when needed (hint: it can’t).

Recent mid-to-high-end computer is a good investment to productivity
If you haven’t received a recommendation, you will be quite safe by going with e.g. a recent (max 1-2 year old) MacBook Pro or an equivalent mid-to-high end Windows machine. Remember that the investment to a proper computer will make also the other parts of the FIBA 3x3 Digital Apps faster and more enjoyable to use.

Keep the computer clean from crapware
Last, remember that even the most powerful computer in the world can run out of juice, if there’s all kinds of crapware in the browser or running in the background. So remember to read carefully the instructions about Google Chrome being the preferred browser and what to do to keep the browser and the computer clean.

Do not run other apps parallelly or in the background
We strongly recommend only using the computer only for the sole purpose of scouting the games of the event and displaying the game scores on the scoreboard. Since the computer is handily there, it is tempting to use the same computer for all kinds of tasks such as checking web site, running Skype chats, managing event videos, playing music from iTunes, editing event pictures with Photoshop. But do NOT do that. All these applications are performance hogs that eat up computer performance, which, in turn, impacts the Scores app performance.

Google the web for help articles how to optimize your Windows and Mac computer performance
Here are some sample articles you can find by googling Windows and Mac support pages