The Event Maker is introducing new Premium Features. To make sure we can maintain and provide all organizers the best features and support possible as well as introducing many more features in the future, we are splitting those features in 3 separate plans.

To learn more about all these features check all the Help articles linked to the following items :


Event Maker (for standalone events)

Scoring app: 

Venue server

Widgets (Registration & Results)



Player Tour configuration

Individual scoring app:

Post-deadline event officialization (up to 14 days)

Widgets (Intermediate and Full Tour Standings, Live scores)

Mass import teams per event category

Custom Forms


Stats tool

Team Tour configuration

Multiple pool rounds formats in scheduler

Possession tracker for TV Graphics and Betting


Organizers whose requests to organize a Satellite or Quest has been approved, will be able to create Satellites, Quests and FIBA 3x3 Official Competitions, on an event basis, and will have automatically access to all functionalities necessary for the operations of that specific event.
Only organizers whom have organized an event of a specific level in the past will have automatically the right to request to organize an event in the future of the same level and below.
If you wish to organize such a competition but have never done so in the past, you will need to make your request to