Event Maker follows the FIBA 3x3 regulations when determining the ranking level for each category.

The calculation principles are based on the 3x3 Individual Ranking Guide and the level impacts the amount of ranking points players get from the event.

More specifically, the level follows the 10-step leveling determined in the ranking guide

Before the event

Before the event you can see the expected ranking level from the Event Maker user interface.


Now, the actual level achieved for the category is also dependent on many factors including the completeness of the data. Hence, in the process making the event official Event Maker will make the upgrades and downgrades.

You can read the exact Upgrade/Downgrade rules from the FIBA 3x3 Ranking Compendium

After the event

Once the event has been made official, the final event level is visible in the play.fiba3x3.com next to the Category name.