The premium data API serves the competition and player data in a computer-readable format to be used, for example, in organizer's own web site or applications. The API is read-only and provides only information that is shared within the permissions of the privacy policy.

The product is available as a monthly subscription. For purchasing inquiries, email to or use the form here.

Product documentation can be found here

The pricing is

●    Basic: 15.000 calls per day - 200 € / month (excl VAT etc)

●    Advanced: 40.000 calls per day - 300 € / month (excl VAT etc)

●    Premium:  100.000 calls per day - 600 € / month (excl VAT etc)

API Terms of Service

●    License is a subscription and can be revoked at FIBA’s discretion.

●    Use only within the scope of the user’s core FIBA 3x3 basketball and/or event business. Specifically, the use is not allowed for betting, gambling, fantasy, e-gaming, generic sports news media related purposes

●    Use only within the scope of the user’s geographical area or competition network

The subscription is tied to the access to the API with a specific API key granted to a specific organizer.