The web version of the Event Maker offers widgets that organisers can place to their own web sites.

As an example, here you see how a Romanian organiser Sport Arena has placed one to their event registration at their web site

All widgets are specific to one event. There are different kind of widgets for different use cases

  • registration widget enables the organiser to register users via its own web site
  • results widget is handy for displaying schedules, pool standings, knockout brackets and so on
  • live scores widget for displaying live scores

All widgets are managed in the web version of the Event Maker under a specific Widgets menu

When creating a widget, the most important thing is to remember to define the backlink i.e. the exact URL (web address) where the widget will be placed. If this is wrong, the widget won't work

The language selection is limited those available in 3x3 platform. FIBA is working hard to expand that selection and if you would like to contribute, do not hesitate to contact

Once you have configured the widget, you will get from Show code the piece of HTML code that you have to inject into your own web site.