Yes, they can. And they should. Having all the 3x3 games ever played recorded, also those played at the young age, will create a full game log that will be a lot of fun to look at later in basketball life.

However, the competition's record for players under 13 years old needs to be handled a little differently. is used in over 200 countries and it adheres to the various laws and best practices different countries have on storing personal contact information of children. Consequently, users under 13 years old cannot register to have a standard FIBA 3x3 profile.

Basically, there are two options

  • Nickname profile The user self-registers to a specific nickname profile with which no contactable personal information is stored. Instructions on how to create one can be found here. Once the nickname profile has been created, anyone registering a team can find the profile in the various player searches of FIBA 3x3 and its admin tools.
  • Partially shown profile: The team lead contacts directly the event organizer who then enters the required data into FIBA 3x3 platform via the admin tool. With this approach, no direct personal contact information is stored and the full name of the player is obfuscated in the team roster list (e.g. Michael McBaller would be shown as Michael M*******