How do I manage teams of a Challenger?

Modified on Wed, 4 Apr, 2018 at 10:32 AM

In case you are organizing a Challenger you'll notice that you can't modify the team roster as done in a usual event.

Challenger events are part of the pro-circuit and thus teams participating in such an event need to be an approved validated team (see Validated Team FAQ for more details about validated teams).

Thus the system only allows you to pick from a list of confirmed validated teams. To do so open the related Challenger event in EventMaker and navigate to the Teams-Tab.

Here you will see several placeholder teams describing the related kind of slot. As an organizer you will only be able to pick a validated team for LOC Wildcard-Placeholders.

Slot-Types can be grouped as below:

  • Satellite-Slot - Describes a placeholder for a team qualifying to your Challenger via a Satellite
  • Validated Team Request - Describes a slot for the automatic allocation taking place 6 Tuesdays prior your Challenger considering pre-registered validated teams
  • Wild Card FIBA - Describes a wildcard slot that will be allocated by FIBA
  • Wild Card LOC - Describes a wildcard slot that will be allocated by LOC

Now in order to pick a team select the related placeholder you want to set and then click in the upper right corner on the "Pick Validated Team" Button (see below)

This will open a dialog that allows you to pick any of the currently known approved validated teams.

Do note: Once a team has been picked you won't be able to change it again.

Now that a team has been picked, the team-manager will be able to select 4 players which will play in the related Challenger (see How do I manage a Challenger roster? for more details how a team-manager can specify the players). Each team can specify the roster of 4 players once and the manage roster functionality will be available till 1 week prior the Challenger.

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