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The definition is written

    A buzzerbeater (BZR) is the last shot of the overtime, or a tie-breaking, tie-forcing or lead-changing last made shot during the last 5 continuously played seconds of the regular time.

The last shot can equally be a field goal or a free throw.

See the last 10 seconds of regular time and the overtime of Liman-Gagarin game in Hyderabad Masters of FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2018

  • Liman leads 18-16 with 8.7 seconds on the clock. Do note that the TV graphics show 7.2 seconds but the correct time to be followed is the one on the big screen (in case there's a discrepancy)
  • Gagarin evens the game to 18-18 with 7.6. seconds left. Despite the erroneous TV graphics, this is not a BZR due to time on the clock and there having been a deadball after the shot
  • Game goes to overtime
  • Liman takes 19-18 lead
  • Gagarin player fouls Liman player resulting in two free throws due to team fouls
  • Liman player misses the first free throw but makes the second. Even though the shot moved the score from 20-19 to 21-19, the shot is a Buzzerbeater because it is the last shot of the overtime.

For clarity, as the Liman player in this example got to the free throw line based on the opposition's team fouls, the game would have ended with a BZR even if he had made the first shot (that would have been the last shot of the game even if he theoretically would have had another free throw)

A buzzerbeater shot ending the game to 21 before time limit (i.e. before 10 minutes) is considered to take place during the last 5 continuously played seconds of the regular time.

See the last half a minute from China-Switzerland game from World Cup 2018. 

  • 26 sec on the clock: SUI leads 20-19
  • 23 sec on the clock: CHN makes a 2PT shot => 21-20 win with a Buzzerbeater shot

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