Can a key assist be attributed to a 1PT (Drive)?

Yes, conceptually a key assist (KAS) can be awarded to a Drive.

The criteria of KAS are:

  • A player has a positional advantage when at the time of receiving the pass the player’s primary defender is no longer in a proper position to play straight-up one-on-one defense, or the defense has to primarily rely on help defenders to protect the basket

  • Directly means capitalizing the advantage immediately upon receiving the pass. Thep layer may vary the speed, use dribbles, perform fakes, and use various finishing styles and footwork around the basket, but the continuity of the motion must be preserved

  • In the paint means that the shot is released from the shooter’s hand in the cylinder space above the 3-second area.

Now, it is possible that, for example, a quick cross-court skip pass or an outlet pass after the defensive rebound is so fast and timely that the receiving player is able to execute a direct catch-and-go move from the arc to the point to score a basket.

If the aforementioned play is also a dunk and a buzzerbeater, it is indeed possible for the following stat line to emerge

  • 1PT Made, Player A (DNK,DRV,BZR) key assisted (KAS) by Player B