Scores log-in troubleshooting

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If you cannot log in to the web app, it can be because of the following reasons, in the order of probability:

  • You have an invalid Event Scoring Code (ESC) => configure ESC in the Event Maker 
  • Your computer is offline and the  competition information cannot be provisioned => try with a different Internet connection or use Custom Game
  • FIBA 3x3 competition infrastructure is down and the competition information cannot be provisioned => use the scores app in Panic mode
  • App is stuck at the updating itself => use custom URL to kill the browser session
  • Panic mode has not been preloaded + no Internet working on venue and/or Amazon Web services infrastructure is down => use non-digital scoring

Important Note!: During the event and especially at the time of connectivity problems, never clear the browsing data of the browser. All scores data resides in the App Data of the browser and will be automatically synced to the global data platform once the connections are back.

Next, some more details about the scenarios.

Invalid Event Scoring Code (ESC)

The is a common, global database for all game scoring and stat-keeping for FIBA 3x3 endorsed events. The scores data is linked to the correct event with the Event Scoring Code (ESC), which is configured in the Event Maker tool and is unique to a given event.  The code works on a 'shared secret' principle, so anyone knowing the right code can access the data and manipulate the scores, so it is a good idea to keep in the need-to-know basis.

The most common reasons for ESC being invalid are

  • the ESC hasn't been set in the first place => go to Event Maker, configure it and save it
  • typo in entering the ESC 
  • the event is in the past and has been officialized. In order to prevent accidental score changes, once the event is made official in the FIBA 3x3 Event Maker, it can no longer be accessed via

Computer offline has been designed to work offline but for every competition, it needs internet connection to download the competition information (game list) before each stage of the competition. With the initial download, the app downloads the information for the first set of games, such as Pool games, and throughout the advancement of the competition - such as moving from Pool phase to Quarterfinals, or from Quarterfinals to Semifinals - the app needs to download progression information (e.g. which are the teams of the semi-finals).

Now, if the competition information has been downloaded at least once, the Custom Game mode will work despite missing progressions.

Do note that any Internet connection will work for getting the game data. So, for example, if the official venue Internet is down, one can, for example, use any mobile phone to share the hotspot and use that as the connection to launch the app and get the game list information. Once the initial game list is downloaded, the scores app will work in offline mode.

FIBA 3x3 competition infrastructure is down 

Technically, Scores app uses a global distributed database architecture called CouchDB. As with any technical system, especially a developing one, it is possible that such platform is down or the application code running on it malfunctions. This is extremely rare but can happen. If so, consequently, new app sessions cannot be launched and competition. information cannot be provisioned.

In this scenario, the scores app can be run in so-called Panic Mode, assuming that the Panic Mode has been at least once pre-provisioned to the computer. Panic Mode should only be used in the case of total desperation because no data entered in Panic Mode can be synced to FIBA 3x3 data platform and must be re-created from scratch to meet the requirements of being FIBA 3x3 Endorsed.

Important Note: It is highly advised that all organizers relying on app, ensure the offline availability of the Panic Mode by logging into it at once prior the event with the scoring computer and/or have it ready on a backup computer. Note that the Panic Mode data resides in the App Data of the browser, so if the browsing data of the browser gets deleted totally, it will need to be re-provisioned.

Browser is stuck at updating the app

The is under constant development and there might be rare situations in which the browser is asking for a update which is not yet properly available. Usually, the situation sorts itselfs out in a few minutes, but if it doesn't and you are in the hurry to start the competition, write the following URL to the browser field 

This skips the update process (called service worker in techie language) inside the browser and reverts the browser to the older version. The app will be outdated, and then unable to connect to the real cloud backend but one can then enter the Panic Mode.

Amazon Web services infrastructure is down

Panic Mode is provisioned to the local browser from Amazon Web Services (AWS). So if the Panic mode, for whatever reason, has not been pre-provisioned to the scoring computer and simultaneously the Amazon Web Services (AWS) is down, then digital scoring will be impossible, and one should revert to the non-digital means. This is extremely rare and would not go unnoticed by any Internet user as AWS powers a large portion of world's web sites, but it has happened a few times in the last 10 years (read more in the Services Outages section here).

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