is the on-venue scoreboard application for FIBA 3x3 Endorsed events. It is used also by the FIBA team itself e.g. in the top-tier FIBA 3x3 events, but it is available for free for the organisers of any FIBA 3x3 events.

Example of the scoreboard view of the web app during the FIBA 3x3 Universal Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Debrecen, Hungary 


The web application runs in a web browser, with one browser showing the scoreboard operator view and the other showing the actual scoreboard. Hence, the app can easily be run on any computer setup with multiple displays.

Here's the list of some of the features

  • sends automatically all the scores to FIBA 3x3 Event Maker, saving the organizer the effort of needing to add game results
  • scores can be also shown in real-time in the live scoring widget (assuming, of course, a working Internet connection)
  • like its predecessor the web app can just be used as a common web page for event personnel to enter scores (i.e. the games can be scored without using the play-by-play scoreboard)