The term 'unconfirmed profile' means that the person has self-registered to have a FIBA 3x3 profile at, but the person has not confirmed the associated email address.

Consequently, as the email address is not confirmed, there is no reliable way for FIBA and the event organizer to notify the person about important issues related to, for example, event schedules, ranking points and so on. Therefore, the web site limits functionalities for unconfirmed profiles.

The easiest way to fix this is to

1.  Log in to If the profile is unconfirmed, you should see warnings like in the picture below.

2. Click 'Resend Confirmation Email'

If you don't see an email in your Inbox, check first all junk email folders.

Now, it is possible that the email is sent to an email address to which you no longer have access. In this situation you have to change your email by creating a new FIBA 3x3 profile and merging your previous profile(s) to that (don't worry, your playing records will follow).