A user/player cannot delete his/her own profile for the simple reason that in case the profile had earned ranking points in the last 12 months from event(s) he/she played in, deleting those would have a direct impact in the overall Federation ranking of the country where the player is from.

You can create a ticket or simply write help@fiba3x3.com and inform us by sharing the exact URL of the profile you wish to delete. Note that based on what was explained before, the profiles with points will be saved until the last points earned run out of their 12 months period. During that time be re-assured that your name will not be searchable on play.fiba3x3.com

We would also like to know the reason for wanting to delete your profile, we hope it was not because of a bad experience playing 3x3 at an event, or the website?
We love feedback so if something went wrong please let us know.

Thank you
FIBA 3x3 Support